Find a Dental Plan

NADP's "Find a Dental Plan" is a free service for consumers and employers to look up companies that offer dental policies by state. The service requires you to set up a log in for use. 


Healthcare Reform

NADP applauds the importance placed on oral health as part of health care reform. NADP values oral health and the role of the dental benefits industry in improving access to affordable, quality dental care. Thus, we are working to assure that Americans with dental benefits can keep that coverage.


Industry Glossary

This glossary includes definitions of both insurance and dentistry terms. Refer to this glossary when receiving claims, explanation of benefits or considering purchase of dental plans.

Why Are Dental Benefits Important?

NADP Offers to Serve as Resource for 2020 Surgeon General’s Report

In response to a January webinar hosted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) regarding development of a 2020 Surgeon General’s report, NADP offered to serve as resource on dental benefits via its comment letter dated Jan. 25. The letter covers several subjects and offers research resources, organized in the following sections:

  • Oral Health as a Public Health Issue
  • Dental Benefits and Oral Health
    • Dental Benefit Enrollment Trends
    • Commercial Dental Benefits: Enrollment, Financing, and Structure
    • Public Dental Coverage
    • ACA & Public Insurance Marketplaces: Dental Coverage Options and Enrollment
    • Dentally Uninsured
  • Future Visions
    • Quality Measures
    • Dental Diagnostic Terminology

In fall 2018, the Commission on Advocacy Policy (CAP) discussed how NADP and the industry could be involved in the development of the Report and what research and resources we could offer, which is summarized in a September letter to the Surgeon General. This previous outline was helpful as CAP developed the attached.